New Standalone initial configuration

On unix (linux, mac, freebsd, sun, ...) run:

	mkdir context && cd context
	rsync -ptv rsync:// .

On windows you can download, unzip it and run first-setup.bat.

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This is the setup part of the "New Minimals". For each system, the zip file provides you with the basic set of utilities necessary for retrieving the minimals over the Internet.


This should be necessary only if you don't have a recent ConTeXt version already installed; if you actually have one, use mtx-update (see the help message for the possible switches).

Basic Installation Instructions

After downloading and unzipping the zip archive appropriate for your system, go to the "context" directory just created, and run the shell / bash script "context-setup..." (win for Windows, linux for 32-bit Linux, etc.). This should retrieve and install a "maximal" minimal ConTeXt distribution suitable for your system.

You can choose to download a distribution for ConTeXt with only pdfTeX, XeTeX or LuaTeX by choosing it with the --engine switch (--engine=pdftex, --engine=xetex or --engine=luatex). Multiple engines is not yet supported, sorry, but will be in the near future.